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Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge offers distinguished Bird Watching Tours and Adventure Tours in Mindo Cloud Forest. Also Galapagos Islands cruises and tours.

We are located in Mindo, the birding paradise of Ecuador and we also have Tour Operator License at the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourist.


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We offer free nights in our lodge Las Terrazas de Dana if you book your Galapagos Cruise with us.

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Our registrations were obtained in United States (Delaware), and Ecuador at the Ministry of Tourism.

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We practise sustainable and responsible tourism, helping the local community of Mindo, Ecuador.

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Contact us by e-mail, online chat, Whatsapp, Viber or our toll free US number and speak directly with David.

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So we provide a flexible cancellation policy and tailored private tours with our local expertise. Our goal is to offer the best tours in Ecuador for our clients.

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Dana Tours LLC is a family owned and operated travel agency. It was founded by David Brito, owner of Las Terrazas de Dana located in Mindo Ecuador. Our main goal is to organize tours all inclusive around Ecuador.

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Private Tour

Ecuador | Complete Birding Tour - 15 days

Our complete birding tour of Ecuador with main birding spots!. Tailor-made tours are also available, contact us for more information.

Ecuador | Northwest and East Slope Birding Tour - 11 days

Our complete birding tour of Ecuador with main birding spots!. Tailor-made tours are also available, contact us for more information.
Toucan Barbet
Private Tour

Mindo | Advanced Birding Tour - 6 days

Our Advanced tour for birders with main birding spots in Mindo and surroundings including Antisana Ecological Reserve.
Private Tour

Mindo | Superior Birding Tour - 5 days

Our Superior tour for birders with main birding spots in Mindo and surroundings. If you want longer tour with other specific spots, please let us know.
toucan arasari
Private Tour

Mindo | Special Birding Tour - 4 days

Very recommended tour for birders with main birding spots in Mindo´s area. If you want longer tour with other specific spots or modifications, please let us know to suggest you. Accommodation in luxury lodge: Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge.
red head bird in mindo birdwatching
Private Tour

Mindo | Short Birding Tour - 3 days

Basic birding tour for people without many time or looking to introduce into Bird Watching. Accommodation in luxury lodge: Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge.
Private Tour

Mindo | Adventure Experience Tour - 4 days

Our recommended and complete tour of activities in Mindo. Accommodation in luxury lodge: Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge.
Private Tour

Mindo | Short Adventure Tour - 3 days

In this tour you will enjoy principal activities of Mindo. Accommodation in luxury lodge: Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge.
frog ecuador
Private Tour

Mindo | "Take it easy" Tour - 3 days

Tour recommended for people that wants to take it easy without too much effort. Accommodation in luxury lodge: Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge.
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  • Why visit Ecuador.

There are countless reasons why you should visit Ecuador. A Super Bowl Advert was launched last year themed: “All You Need Is Ecuador”. It is so true, you can never get enough!. There are so many places that offer an unforgettable experience. From the dense rainforests of the Amazon to the Andes mountain range. Also to the exquisite beaches along the coast and of course the Galapagos Islands. Sometimes, I wish I was born in Ecuador. The people here are blessed with five out of the ten top destinations in the world.

  • The Galapagos Islands.

Talk about the Galapagos Islands!. It is the richest center for scientific Galapagos Cruisesinvestigation and nature tourism in the world. The list of wonder is inexhaustible. First the quintessential tropical beach, where you find blue footed boobies, land Iguanas, albatross. Also the rich aquatic life of swarming fishes, inspiring sea animals like humpback whales, hammerhead sharks and green sea turtles. I need an entire page to explain about all of the amazing animals you can see in the Galapagos Islands.
You can visit the Galapagos Islands at any time of year and see something special. Not only is the scuba diving and snorkeling amazing. You can also hike an active volcano, go mountain biking, surfing and horseback riding if you so choose!
Nowhere else in the world is quite like it, it`s like the Nat Geo Wild in 3D! So let us organize your Galapagos Cruise.

  • The amazing Amazon.

The greatest biodiversity seen on this planet is found in the shelter of the Amazon rainforest. For example there is an incredible variety of birds with over 1,600 species reported. The landscape changes drastically from dense canopy to flooded forests and crystal clear water bodies with awe-inspiring waterfalls.

In the Amazon rain forest, the trees are bursting with life. One such example is a giant tree in the Jatun Sacha Biological Station, standing well over 100ft (30 m) tall. This tree not only houses a wide variety of birds and even monkeys. Also features crevices in the roots, which provides a home for a family of tiny bats. The forests are also a refuge for the spectacled bear, the ocelot, and the puma. Countless species of plants that botanists are still in the process of cataloguing.

The scale and impenetrability of the rainforest protects wildlife for generations. It continues to be one of the least studied areas left on the planet. To this day tribes live here choosing to be completely isolated from the rest of the world.

  • Quito, a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Quito was founded in 1534 over the ruins of northern Inca capital. It holds the largest and greatest preserved colonial areas in Latin America. It offers a superior collection of baroque art in its colonial architecture, paintings and sculpture.

Simultaneously, the city has modern areas and offers modern comforts , with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, international airport. You will find also theaters, art galleries, large shopping centers, etc.
Today, close to 2 million people are living in Quito. It was the first city to get named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

Quito is Ecuador’s most beautiful city and it is a top travel destination around the world. Quito is winning consecutive World Travel Awards as South America’s Leading Destination.

Quito’s almost 500-year-old old town is experiencing an awesome revival. That´s the result of collective energy by entrepreneurial locals and amazing government-sponsored initiatives. The place has become a exceptional community of churches, monasteries, museums, convents, restaurants and cafes. More used by an enormous new airport final, jet-lag-free time zones and direct flights from three U.S. towns. Quito has also easy contacts from several others cities in U.S., so experiencing Quito hasn’t been easier.

In order to finish this small post with information, Mindo Cloud Forest is 1 hour and 30 minutes from Quito!

  • The Mind-Blowing Mindo.

Mindo Ecuador riverMindo is only 1 hour and a half from Quito. You will be impressive of the variety of birds that Mindo possesses. Due to that, you just can’t get enough of the birds. The beautiful landscape of Mindo sets you up for that trekking adventure you always wanted. The hike in the Waterfalls Sanctuary starts crossing the Valley with the cable car (tarabita). This place offers you mind blowing hiking experience since you are in the cloud forest.

It is a hot spot for bird watching, famous around the world. A place where birdwatchers increase with beautiful species their check lists.

You will see the Andean Cock of the rock and also take photos. To observe hummingbirds from few meters and see in the tours diferent species of toucans. There are counted around 500 species of birds in the cloud forest.
There are very profesional and experienced guides and the hotels offers early morning services for bird watchers.
Mindo Ecuador is a place with constant connection with the nature as a result of the biodiversity.

Various adventure activities where you will always entertain due to the sights and sounds of the beautiful and colorful birds. Mindo started to be famous as a bird watching hot stop destination in the World. Mindo is an awesome place for family or couple holiday vacation, since there are a lot of activities to do.

Activities are tubing in the river, hiking in the cloud forest and Ziplining in the vallew of Mindo. Also posibility to horse riding in Via al Cinta, visit the Butterfly Garden. And why not to spend a relaxing afternoon in the hummingbirds garden together with a visit to the orquid garden. Why not enjoy the chocolate made by youself in the artesanal chocolate tour?. The unforgettable Night Walk you will remember all your life!

Come and enjoy Mindo after your Galapagos Cruise!

  • Cultural Cuenca.

Want a cool city, stress free, spiced with opportunity of self-meditations and appreciation of cultural heritage?. Cuenca is the place! Everything that daily life requires is just stone throw from residence it.

Cuenca is known for its mix of artistic, intellectual and philosophical tradition since time ago. You will immediately glimpse this from its colonial architecture. Periodically, the city organizes colorful festivals. You will also love their distinct food and breathtaking scenery. No wonder UNESCO had it listed as part of the Ecuador’s three World Heritage Trust sites.

Cuenca is top retire-overseas choice in the World, therefore many US citizens live there.

I could go on and on, but I got to hold it right here. Now is your turn to discover for yourself more surprising mind-blowing places in Ecuador.

Blog Posts

Mindo Ecuador – A place to live

Hi there followers of our blog, we are today in Mindo Ecuador.

Our first post is about a very special place called Mindo in Ecuador where I decided to come to live!

Mindo Ecuador is a small community involving 3.000 people located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Quito. It has changed into a very important hot spot throughout current years as a birds paradise. It’s really a quite interesting village that has a lot to offer. Each day throughout Mindo will never be boring and without surprises. It’s really a town that is certainly famous for its plentiful splendor and also the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest. Areas encompassing Mindo will be probably the greatest places for bird watching in Ecuador and all the world. Mindo is in the top rated Birds Christmas counts in the world.Galapagos Tour

A number of tourists that come from Quito just stay few hours in daytime and they do only few activities. Simply because these people don´t get good information throughout Quito and also most likely get “full day tours” information. Mindo Ecuador is a place to stay 2, 3 or maybe more nights doing activities. You will enjoy the gorgeous woodlands and also enjoyable along with the warm weather conditions all the year. Another great detail for Mindo is that rains few hours normally in the afternoon. That means that you have plenty of time frame to do outdoor activities during the day.

There are tons of activities involving nature to do in Mindo Ecuador. Essentially the most well-known activitie to do in Mindo is tubing in the Rio Mindo. Throughout the dry up time of year, this is more a relaxing movement on the water. In the rain season, it is truly a more heart-pumping action, since the river is even bigger and also faster.

Furthermore in Mindo, it is possible to Zipline in the Mind Cloud Forest. To cross the forest in 10 cables through the trees while trying tricks like “Superman” and “Mariposa”(Butterfly). Maybe you will have also funny surprises.

You may also go to the Mariposario (butterfly garden), which residences 25 different types of butterflies. There also displays the 4 different stages involving butterfly lifetime, making it the biggest exhibit throughout Ecuador.

Hiking is a very famous experience activity in Mindo. You can examine the astounding nature. There are many marked and unmarked walking and bike trails. They will bring you to places such as the waterfalls sanctuary or the famous cable car (tarabita). This is also the “fast entrance” to the waterfalls sanctuary if you don´t want to start walking. In the cable car you can go on a breathtaking ride on the mountains.

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Why should you cruise the Galapagos Islands?

Let me provide you with a few of the many reasons why you should cruise the Galapagos Islands in a all inclusive tour. The Galapagos has gained an almost legendary status as a platform for biodiversity. By the time you return home you will understand how it is almost impossible to over emphasize the sheer majesty of this unique place.

From setting foot on the landing strip you will be close to curious and oddly fearless animals. The islands are practically overflowing with endless wildlife it is truly incredible to experience.Galapagos Cruise

Into the water you will experience a world-class diving destination due to the abundance of aquatic animals in crystal-clear waters. Expect to see a huge range of animals from gigantic whale sharks and humpback whales to playful sea lions. Also you will see green sea turtles, giant tortoises and reef fish to name but a select few.

Back on land you´ll watch waved albatross perform their elaborate courtship rituals and staggeringly bright blue footed boobies nest. Before you know it you will be wandering through ancient lava tunnels and sitting among time honored gigantic tortoises. Not to mention the cactus forests, exquisite green highlands, quintessential tropical beaches and true turquoise bays you will relish.

One day you will be remarking upon the huge red throated male frigate birds as they entice their female counterparts. The next day sunbathing on the beach entertained by the penguins as they dive into the water and hunt fishes.

This is where the famous Charles Darwin found his spark of inspiration to write his book the Origin of Species. But you don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist, oceanographer or an ornithologist. You will also appreciate the wonderful work of nature in the biodiversity of the flora and fauna.



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